LICENSE to data feeds


Using data feeds from you accept automatically current license. Therefore, please, read the license before using the data feeds. If you do not accept the license then do not use the data feeds.


You can use data feeds from for free and also royalty-free if you follow some natural fair obligations. The obligations are about proper querying, storage, analysis and referencing. License is in a draft version, but has to be anyway accepted if you decide to use the data feeds from -- which is also by the way in beta :)

LICENSE. (Full Text)

(A license with smilies, but nevertheless a serious one)

Subject of the license are the data feeds ("data feeds") delivered by service providing alternatives for the search terms queried to . The data feeds are the small portions of information helping user to figure out the presumably best alternatives to the search terms queried to . The data feeds are mainly intended for being incorporated into the web applications. The data feeds should extend the awareness of the end-user about the alternatives to a very broad range of subjects.

sides involved:

1. --  a web server providing a service to find alternatives 
   for the search terms queried to it. The owner of is Valery A.Khamenya

2. end-user -- anyone who uses web-browsers to surf in Internet

3. "agents" -- a web server providing web content for the end-users or other "agents"


Borring, but important Statements:

  S1:  Using data feeds from you accept automatically 
       current license. Therefore, please, read the license through before 
       using the data feeds. If you do not accept the license then do not 
       use the data feeds.

  S2:  Neither Valery A.Khamenya nor are responsible for any 
       possible damages, moral injuries, financial losses directly or indirectly 
       caused by usage of . 
       Both agents and end-users are encouraged to use information from with proper care and responsibility. End-users should 
       pay the special caution to the information related to medical 
       treatments, food additives. 
       Valery A.Khamenya respects religious, moral, ideological preferences
       of the world community and has no personal relation to the statements 
       that exposes and/or to the interpretations it may induce.

Ever Best Statement:

  S3: provides its content for any sides ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE 
       and on a ROYALTY-FREE basis. Yes, you can earn your money and use data 
       feeds from . No hidden catches. Just follow 
       the small fair obligations.

Small fair obligations for all sides:

  S4:  Do not use for ilegal purposes.

  S5:  Do not mirror content from . No mass automated queries.

  S6:  Do not sell content exported from (I didn't ask for money 
       from you, so you don't do it from others either)

  S7:  Without explicit permission from Valery Khamenya do not use data 
       feeds from to aglomerate and/or to analyse it.

Small fair obligations for "agents". 

  S8:  If you are an "agent" then you do NOT query for alternatives on your 
       own from your servers. Instead of this, in order to provide alternatives 
       to the customers of your service you deliver the web-pages to them with 
       an embedded HTML element (or alike) that will query 
       The embedded element should conform the following:

       S8a: the queries to should come from user's browsers and as  
            usually equipped with your (agent's) URL-referer. 

       S8b: the rendered embedded element should expose to the end-user at 
            least a tiny 16x16 pixel logo icon that leads 
            an end-user to the corresponding page with the alternatives 
            for a given search term.

  S9:  The content you deliver to other sides (agent or end-users) should 
       have its own value apart from the dooblet's feeds. Agent may not serve  
       as a de facto pure re-translator of the data feeds from

  S10: It is the agent's responsibility to inform properly the end-users about 
       the statements of the current license.

Small fair obligation for end-user:

  S11. well, there is no special obligations for you. Have fun! :) 

Statement from

  S12. Although all principal elements of this license are listed above and 
       not expected to be changed, reserves the right to change 
       this license.

  S13. reserves the rights to limit the quotes for the querying,
       e.g. if it will be needed to keep the service up and running.

That's it :)


If you are not sure about your case then send an email to Valery A.Khamenya and let me know your case: dooblet AT gmail DOT com AT stands for @ symbol DOT stands for . symbol If you don't have any emotions reading last two lines, then you are an end-user for sure :o) Kind regards, Valery A.Khamenya Copyright (C) Munich, Germany, 2008