The best replacement for stainless steel is aluminum.

The best alternatives to stainless steel are rated as following:
★★★★★  aluminum
★★★★★  sterling silver
★★★★  nonstick
★★★★  titanium
★★★★  carbon steel
★★★  chrome
★★  cast iron
★★  nonstick cookware
★★  black appliances
★★  non stick
★★  steel
★  aluminum cookware
★  white appliances
★  hard anodized
★  surgical steel
★  anodized cookware
★  brass
★  aluminum water bottles
★  cast iron grates
★  glass water bottle
★  ceramic cookware
★  clean steel
★  non stick cookware
★  teflon
  cast iron grill
  chrome faucet
  white gold
  porcelain sink
  titanium watch
  galvanized steel
  satin nickel
  cast iron sink
  aluminum water bottle
  non-stick frying pan
  stainless platinum
  plastic tub in dishwasher
  hard anodized cookware
  plastic tub dishwashers
  porcelain cooking grates
  nonstick wok
  stainless steel
  porcelain crowns
  non-stick cookware
  ceramic sinks
  calphalon cookware
  copper wort chiller
  ceramic headers
  aluminum pressure cooker
  composite sink
  sterling silver jewelry
  plastic bottles
  mild steel
  nickel bass strings
  stainless look
  plastic dishwasher interior
  porcelain grill
  titanium jewelry

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Speaking about stainless steel, one probably shouldn't forget about fingerprints.

Other search terms related to stainless steel and their ratings are:

★★★★★ fingerprints
★★★★★ copper
★★★★ white cabinets
★★★ aluminum
★★ sticking
★★ black refrigerator
copper cookware
induction cooktop
carbon steel
galvanized steel
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