The best replacement for hard is soft water.

The best alternatives to hard are rated as following:
★★★★★  soft water
★★★  soft money
★★  soft luggage
★★  soft skills
★★  soft contacts
★  soft contact lenses
★  soft link
★  soft maple
★  symbolic link
★  soft mouse pad
★  soft
  soft toothbrush
  live free
  hardly working
  go home
  soft suitcase
  soft phone case
  working smart
  soft wheat
  soft mattress
  soft paternalism
  symbolic links
  soft case
  soft cheese
  soft palate
  soft iphone case
  soft mesh
  you can go home
  soft wood
  soft credit inquiry
  genoa salami
  soft contact lens
  silicone case
  dead soft
  soft boiled egg
  soft boiled eggs
  soft bed
  work smart
  die hard
  soft cue tip
  soft coral
  study smart
  soft hrm
  np complete
  soft blackjack
  soft skateboard wheels
  die free

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soft water
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